The rain fell in droves that night, half past seven, while Elec Man waited at Cafe Thirteen — The Diner That Never Was.  Fingers gripped tightly around his umbrella and he rocked on his heels.  Occasionally, blue-green eyes darted toward the interior of the cafe.  Oh, look at that cute girl with teal hair eating with a dark-haired man.  They looked happy, like he was with Plum, who he had invited alongside Fire Man to the cafe.  Eyes then fell on a large, broad-shouldered blond in red and yellow who was roughly giving a smaller dark-haired boy in blue glasses and an oversized blue, grey, and gold hoodie a noogie.  Reminded him of his own brotherly relationship with Fire, his twin.  He didn’t notice the clumsy busboy getting water all over the place, nor the tableside chef that seemed to have too much fun playing with fire, nor the crazy manager in his cow-print cloak.  His mind was on those he’d grown fond memories with.

He started humming “Faithfully”.  Gosh, how many times had he hummed that tune?  Every time he needed a little comfort, or Fire needed to know someone still cared in this crazy world.

Suddenly, his voice carried out through the air.  ”Highway run…into the midnight sun.  Wheels go round and round, you’re on my mind…restless hearts sleep alone tonight.  I’m sending all my love along the wire…”

Soon it would be time to go inside, and forget about his troubles…

Just Going For a Walk (Fire and Elec thread)


Already almost the end of January?  Month certainly flew by fast, but it didn’t mean it was going smoothly either.  Fire was feeling all the stress, mostly from work and partially from home.. but mostly work.  It was like everything that could go wrong, decided that it was going to go wrong all in one second.  All the poor guy wanted to do was just go home and go back to bed.  But even then…

So Fire decided he was just going to take a walk today, one of his few days off during the week.  Maybe clearing his head would do some good, and meeting up with Elec at the park might help him vent a bit too.

He made his way to the park, bundled up a bit as he made his way there.  Had to be careful with all the snow and ice though.. but at least the paths were cleared.

“Elec..?  Ya here..?”

"Just got here."  Elec nodded, his footfalls heavy on tufts of slightly-frozen grass.  He himself was tightly bundled up for warmth.  The cold was hell on his circuits and joints—doubly so when it was a wet cold.  "Y’ready, Fire?"


I knew he did not care.

You know what?  Stop being an ingrate.

Big Bro Elecky? Have you tried riding horses before?

It’s something I’ve always considered, but never done…

Big Bro, wanna see Mr. Pharaoh try out snake-charming?

…Sure, why not…

Elec Man, do you play in the snow often?

…I don’t, no.  It’s much too cold…and it is not much fun without my twin.

... Elec Man. I dreamt about bananas getting thrown at me. Am I going bananas?

…you’re going absolutely bananas.  *Throws a banana at.  Then huffs and picks it up.*  …I forgot this was going to be my lunch.

Lecci~! I got some tickets from work for a movie at that fancy room at the movie theater~. Would you like to come with me? It's dated for Thursday night~.

I’d like that very much!  *Wide-eyed smile*

Big Bro Elecky! It's terrible! I was mocked by the biggest jerk in the universe big time! May I have a hug? *sniffs*

*Hugs*  Tell me who he is and me ‘n Fire will take care of ‘im.

Hey.. d'ya.. wanna go fer a walk later?

Yeah.  Jus’ the two of us, t’clear our minds, righ’?  *Relaxed smile*